Billpower FAQ

Yes. Once your Billpower account is active you can sign up through your dashboard to take bank account payments using Split Payments. Go to:
Dashboard → Settings → Merchants → All Payment Gateways → Split Payments

You only have to enter a few details and your account will be activated immediately.
While other companies might have lower fees per transaction, they often have additional fees such as monthly fees or dishonour fees. We only charge $1.50 per successful direct debit transaction and have no other fees.
Yes. You are able to absorb the credit card surcharges or pass them onto your clients.

There is also an option that allows you to absorb the fees if the client pays on time and on-charge the fees if the client pays their invoice late.

If you would like to pass on the surcharges, go to: Dashboard → Settings → Surcharges → Tick “at cost”
As soon as someone pays an invoice, you will get an automated email that lets you know that the invoice has been paid. The funds will be deposited into your nominated bank account within 2 business days.
During the signup process for Pin Payments, you shared your bank details.

If you would like to funds to be transferred to a different account, email with the new bank details
If you would like to update your ABN, email with your name, current ABN and new ABN for them to update your account.
The transaction will appear as “Deposit Perpetual Pin Payments.”
After your initial signup, you will be contacted by Pin Payments, our payment partner who will ask for additional information to confirm your account. This information can include home address, drivers licence and a copy of a customer invoice.

Once you submit that information, it takes a few days to approve the account making it approximately a week from the initial signup until you can start taking credit card payments.

For bank transfers/EFT, you can connect to Split Payments and start accepting Bank Transfer/EFT payments immediately as there is no approval process.
The Billpower platform can ask your clients to store their credit card details.

Once this is done, Billpower checks the accounting software on the due date of each invoice to find out what the client owes and then automatically charges their card.

This works for both credit card and debit card transactions.
The fee to process Visa and Master Cards is 1.75% + 30 cents per transaction. 

The fee to process American Express Cards is 2.5% + 30 cents per transaction.

The fee to process Bank Transfer/EFT payments is $1.50 per successful payment.

There are no other monthly, ongoing, or dishonour fees.

If your revenue is more than $30 000 monthly, please contact us about enterprise plans.
Yes. Please contact us and we can help you set up payments for your online store.
Yes. You can accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express with your Billpower account. Visa and Mastercards are already enabled in the default settings. To take American Express:

Login to your Billpower account→ Settings→ Merchants→ Payment Methods→ American Express
Yes. Billpower can accept international credit cards. The surcharges for these cards are 2.9% + 30c. Like other surcharges, it can either be absorbed by you or passed on to your customer.
Yes. You will receive your own payment page which you can share with your clients even if they do not have an invoice owing.